A distinct advantage gained in dealing with Ashwin Diamonds is our belief in vertical integration. Your buyer will have access to an organization that takes rough diamonds from the mines and creates fine diamond jewelry. Ashwin is involved in this detailed process every step of the way, allowing us to better serve you.


In today’s extremely competitive landscape, Ashwin Diamonds has differentiated itself from the competition through our core values. We focus not only on sales numbers and competitive pricing but always provide the highest level of service.


Orders are customized according to color, clarity, calibrated sizes and/or specific weight ranges.

  • Jewelry repair jobs
  • Matched sets
  • Layouts
  • Exclusive branded diamonds customized to our customers specific needs.
  • Detail oriented staff operating under strict diamond grading practices.
  • Overnight delivery
  • Loose diamond buy-back program
  • Diamond re-cutting done in NY for quick turnaround