• We shall conduct a Supply Chain Due Diligence annually
  • The supply chain includes Rough & Polished Diamonds
  • We shall have system and controls to ensure that our supply chain is transparent
  • We shall identify our suppliers and map them if they are from CAHRA
  • We shall engage frequently with our suppliers to identify any Human Rights Red Flags
  • We provide an E-mail address for confidentially raising grievance / concern is: sanil@ashwindiam.com
  • Any Grievance about our suppliers shall be investigated by the Management
  • The Policy shall be annually reviewed and revised as necessary
  • This policy will be shared with our suppliers through our website
  • The Human Rights performance report shall be publicly available on website
  • All employees shall be trained in Supply Chain Due Diligence


We, Ashwin Diamonds are a proud member of RJC and we have greatly benefited from the system. We recommend that all our Business Associates be part of Responsible Jewellery Council to improve the credibility of the system.

We have a Supply Chain Policy and it is available to everyone on this website.

According to the policy, we conduct an annual Supply Chain Due Diligence and have not found any Red Flags in our supply Chain. We do not procure goods from Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas. Most of our suppliers are RJC Certified members. We will continue to monitor our supply chain and will report any red flags if identified.

- Sanil Shah, 2022